what to expect

Dr. Holzinger will incorporate multiple forms of evaluation and treatment to put your puzzle together.

You may be evaluated using the following techniques and procedures:

  • Applied Kinesiology and Systems Health Care
    • A specific biofeedback technique for finding root issues with manual muscle testing and treating them through non-invasive nutrition and manual methods. Click here to read more about this technique.
  • Functional Nutrition/Biochemistry
    • Often referred to as “Functional Medicine”, he prefers the term Functional Biochemistry or Functional Nutrition because the goal is to take a deeper look into your physiology in a scientific and holistic way that mainstream medicine (including some “functional medicine”) does not. This cutting-edge mentality of health, physical evaluation, and standard blood lab interpretation is on the rise as people are demanding better-informed and science-focused answers.
  • Standard Exams, Testing, and Office Procedures
    • Even with all of the benefits of AK, SHC, and Functional Biochemistry, the basics are still covered to properly diagnose conditions where applicable and monitor progress.