Dr. Weston Holzinger is a Chiropractic physician with additional training in nutrition and functional biochemistry.  He graduated from Logan University as a Doctor of Chiropractic with honors and with a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Human Performance as valedictorian and many awards including the Clinical Science Award.

His primary manual technique is Applied Kinesiology, in which he has over 300 hours of training and multiple certifications in advanced methods, including Systems Health Care (for which he has also contributed to the technique manual). He holds certificates in Functional Blood Chemistry, Thyroid, and Endocrine assessment, and has over 300 hours of training in the chiropractic internist program. He is also national board certified in Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy and enjoys incorporating Eastern principles into the Western scientific model.

Dr. Weston’s passion is to figure out the why behind the symptoms a patient presents with and help point patients in the right direction towards not just being symptom-free, but continually growing in health.

His primary treatment methods include manual adjustments and myofascial therapies, nutritional analysis, lifestyle recommendations, and acupuncture/pressure.

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